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Panda 3.5: Google's Quality Search Results In Pictures

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Google just recently rolled about Panda 3.5 on April 19 and also its webspam algorithm just a couple of days ago in the best interests of its users in order to improve organic search results. Let's take a look at the results of this change and see if it improved our user experience:

Search Term: python hosting

Every niche marketer needs a good Python hosting solution for their automated web scripts.

Python hosting fail

Resulting page:

Python hosting - OK!


Search term: make money online (Google UK)

The US results were screwed up yesterday, but they look "sort of okay" today. This one comes from our friends in the UK.

Make money online Google UK

Resulting page:

Make money online - Google UK

Actually, the time to sell is RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW.

Search term: viagra

Ooh, a niche backed by a lot of money I bet! There's gotta be some quality results here.

Compromised sites

Ooh, a niche backed hacked by a lot of money I bet!

Search term: cialis

Let's look at a close friend of the previous niche.

Wait, this doesn't look right...

I knew that Starcraft 2 players were into "enhancing" their play through products, but that was just the tip of the iceberg apparently!

Search term: snuggie dog beds

A lot of pet lovers out there would love to read a review or two to see which is the best one to buy. Where should they go?

Snuggie dog beds leads to... SEOmoz?

I had no idea SEOmoz sold snuggie dog beds too! Cool! Leave it to them to rank #2 for that term!

(backstory here, for those interested in how this was made possible:

Search term: e cigarettes

I bet after all these changes everyone could go for a (non-cancerous) smoke right now.

Hey this looks promising!

Resulting page:

E-cigarettes niche is all about lulz...

So informative, I learned a lot. I really like it when he said "GPYDZ".

(EDIT: Looks like they fixed it now. But I assure you this was what it looked like when I took a peek. :) )

Search term: hgh

Okay guys, enough clowning around. The top 10 in this niche must have worthy results.

The complete resource for HGH? Count me in!

Resulting page:

Compelling content on page 1

What I Really Think of Panda 3.5 and Google's Webspam Algorithm

Panda Fail

See you folks tomorrow when the SERPs turn upside-down again.