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Keyword Research for 2012: Ultimate Niche Finder Review

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Welcome to my first series of videos! I will be reviewing Ultimate Niche Finder, which is a relatively unknown keyword research tool. It's a desktop program, and you might find it odd that I'm reviewing it in light of my usage of SECockpit. However, I think it's a great alternative to it and other comparable programs that also work on the desktop level like Longtail Pro and Market Samurai.

I will be reviewing this software in 4 separate parts:

  1. Introduction to Ultimate Niche Finder, the user interface and basic features.
  2. How to do bulk keyword research with UNF.
  3. How I use SEMRush in conjunction with UNF to do bulk keyword research strategy.
  4. Introduction to, a companion tool to Ultimate Niche Finder, and closing comments.

Please enjoy the review!

Introduction to Ultimate Niche Finder

How to Do Bulk Keyword Research

How I Use SEMRush with Ultimate Niche Finder

Introduction to and Wrap-Up

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I welcome any comments below. Thanks!