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Finding Expired Domains with Domain Spoon - An Overview

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Hi Everyone,

As promised, I'm back with a video overview of Domain Spoon (aff link), a tool that you can use to find expired domains that might be suitable to buy for use in:

  • A private blog network.
  • Flipping domains on GoDaddy Auctions or various forums.
  • Recycling as money sites.

This is a quick video that will go into the aspects of uploading a list of domains and how the tool processes that list to give you a much faster way of narrowing down to the best domains that you might want to purchase.

What Does Domain Spoon Do?

Domain Spoon

In a nutshell, the tool does the following:

  • Allows you to to upload a list of domains that you've previously gathered through an AJAX web interface.
  • De-duplicate the list.
  • Remove domains not available to register: This could be domains already registered, or TLDs not available to the general public like .mil, .edu, and .gov extensions.
  • Run the remaining list of available domains through SEOmoz's Linkscape API to obtain domain metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Linking Root Domains, etc.
  • Domain parsing history, so you can refer back to old analyses and also recover from browser crashes or application crashes.
  • ...and more.

Enjoy the video!

Domain Spoon Overview Video


Get Domain Spoon Here

If you liked the overview and are interested in signing up, you can grab a subscription through my affiliate link here: Domain Spoon. Please keep in mind that this is an affiliate link, so if you do end up purchasing a subscription I get compensation in return. Much appreciated if you do!