Finding Expired Domains with Domain Spoon – An Overview

| October 21, 2012 | 5 Comments

Hi Everyone,

As promised, I’m back with a video overview of Domain Spoon (aff link), a tool that you can use to find expired domains that might be suitable to buy for use in:

  • A private blog network.
  • Flipping domains on GoDaddy Auctions or various forums.
  • Recycling as money sites.

This is a quick video that will go into the aspects of uploading a list of domains and how the tool processes that list to give you a much faster way of narrowing down to the best domains that you might want to purchase.

What Does Domain Spoon Do?

Domain Spoon

In a nutshell, the tool does the following:

  • Allows you to to upload a list of domains that you’ve previously gathered through an AJAX web interface.
  • De-duplicate the list.
  • Remove domains not available to register: This could be domains already registered, or TLDs not available to the general public like .mil, .edu, and .gov extensions.
  • Run the remaining list of available domains through SEOmoz’s Linkscape API to obtain domain metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Linking Root Domains, etc.
  • Domain parsing history, so you can refer back to old analyses and also recover from browser crashes or application crashes.
  • …and more.

Enjoy the video!

Domain Spoon Overview Video

Get Domain Spoon Here

If you liked the overview and are interested in signing up, you can grab a subscription through my affiliate link here: Domain Spoon. Please keep in mind that this is an affiliate link, so if you do end up purchasing a subscription I get compensation in return. Much appreciated if you do!


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  1. Bobby says:

    Hey Andre

    Nice post on Domain Spoon.

    I have been using the tool over the last couple months and there is nothing else out there like it that can help you uncover expired domains fast.

    With all the recent Google changes having your own links that you can control the quality of is extremely important, this tool let’s you get these links and for a very cheap price. Plus there is the option of selling text links etc.

    Thanks for the share Andre



    • Andre Garde says:

      Thanks Bobby! I always tend to forget selling text link ads, because it’s not something I currently do. Definitely something to try though.

  2. Stuart says:

    Hi Andre

    Nice tool & Informative video, I have a few questions if you dont mind

    You mention in your video that you scrape domains to input into DomainSpoon. do you have a video showing or method you can reveal to me to show me how you do this?

    Is there method to select better keywords to use in the harvester to generate a better opportunity of uncovering high pr domains?

    Whats your % success of finding PR3+ domains from a list of 100,000 domains?

    I have been doing this manually (vvvv slow) but any half decent domains I have found have been spammed to death and its very time consuming checking anchor text in OSE or majestic etc. And also to check for future potential PR by checking LRD and external links. Have you tried the spam feature in domainspoon you talked about in the video above and they also mention job history archive not sure what that is…

    • Andre Garde says:

      Hi Stuart,

      I’ve been away for awhile but I used to just randomly scrape for domains to put into DomainSpoon. To be frank I’ve been away from the game for awhile because I ended up with so many PR2-4 domains than I could actually use.

      The spam checking feature of DS should be used with a grain of salt; you’ll need to eyeball things on your end to make sure it’s a decent buy. Even then, mistakes are still possible and will occur. In my initial purchases I ended up with quite a few duds, but more positive results than negative.


  3. Ross says:

    Andre excellent job, very good article with excellent video. Thanks and cheers.

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