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Discover Your Talent: The SPI Case Study Challenge

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Discover Your Talent: The SmartPassiveIncome Challenge
As of late, I've taken a liking to reading Pat Flynn's SmartPassiveIncome blog.  Weeks ago, when I was still standing on the precipice of the decision to leave my job or not, I chanced upon a link on a web forum that led me to Pat's blog. Then I started reading.  And then I read some more.  When I ran out of things to read I started downloading his podcasts.  Then, I started checking out the other bloggers/podcasters that he was talking about.

You get the idea.

Needless to say, I have learned a lot in just a short period of time.  Last week he posted a challenge for his readers:  Create a Case Study Post.  The task was simple, consisting only of two points:

  1. Attempt something new.
  2. Report your findings or results.

I took up great personal interest in this, as I've been reading a lot of about his success with niche websites and generating massive amounts of passive income.  I'm not so interested in the money (although that would help right about now), but more so in the freedom that he is allotted because of his passive income streams.  One of my goals is to spend more time with family.  If I can be more like Pat and other Internet entrepreneurs, I would be able to achieve this.  So I need to explore this route.

The line of questioning for myself is as follows:  Will I be able to accomplish something like what Pat and others have done?  Do I have the skills and the experience, and if I don't, do I have what it takes to learn quickly?  Do I have the talent within me?

If you've checked out my bio, I'm known for being the reliable go-to guy in a tough situation.  Now it's time to stretch my mind in capacities at which I had never even dreamed of before.  It's time to dive in and swim.

My Goals for this Challenge

I'm going to build a niche website.  I'm going to put up great content that everyone interested in the niche will enjoy.  I'm going to monetize that site.  I'm going to push it to rank #1 in the search results.  I will beat whatever time it had taken Pat to raise his niche site to rank #1 as well (I think that this was 2 months?).  I'm going to generate passive income from the site.  I don't care if it's $1/day or $1 a year, I just need to prove to myself that I can do this.  That's $1 I can invest back into myself to learn more.  I have the technical skill and problem solving ability.  I know that I can do this.

As a former Project Manager I would have looked at this from all angles before jumping in. The hell with that.  I'm throwing caution to the wind here.  I just want to DO, because I'm NOT afraid to fall flat on my face in failure.  If I fail, I'll just keep trying until I get it right.  I want to make the most of the next six months and prove to my family and friends that I have it in me.  Ultimately, I want to prove it to myself.  I'll work hard and make sure that the bar is set high so that I've got something worth shooting for.  If there is anything that I have learned from other entrepreneurs, it's that you shouldn't be afraid of failure and that the way must be tried.  Not doing things at all -- that is true failure.

Onwards and upwards.  Wish me luck.