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Attention All Keyword Cowboys! Get Semrush For Less Than Half Price!

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I'm not sure how much time there will be to explain this, but has a deal going on right now where you can get Semrush for less than half the regular price!  This equates to $33, so it's clear that Flippa's got some good lovin' goin' on with the folks at Semrush.

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For all you Keyword Cowboys like myself, you'll know that Semrush is an incredibly valuable tool for keyword research as well as competition analysis.  You can use it to do things like generate a giant list of seed keywords to plug into SECockpit, or spy on the top 10 competition in your niche to see what keywords they are ranking for, and attack those keywords in your backlinking/marketing/content strategy.

This deal is for the Pro subscription, which gives you a mere three thousand reports PER DAY.  Of those 3000 reports, you get a paltry TEN THOUSAND results each.

You can find the discount link right on Flippa's deals page, found here:  This is not an affiliate link.

Read about Semrush here.  I think that I'll need to do a video on this or something to show you guys how to use this effectively, it's a killer tool.

What are you waiting for? Learn about it! Then get it now!