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Achievement Unlocked - Rank #1 Finally

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Achievement - Simply the Best - Rank #1 in Google

Twice, by the way. More to follow as well.

The Top 12 Things I Learned In Ranking A Site To #1

  1. If you're good at something, chances are that you'll be good at other things (Thanks Trent).
  2. When you finally reach the summit, it's not the end of a difficult journey. A new one begins. (...and it's probably just as hard if not harder)
  3. If you work harder, you'll accomplish a lot. If you work smarter, you'll do the same in a fraction of the time. If you do both, you'll beat everyone.
  4. In some cases, backlinking doesn't matter.
  5. In some cases, backlinking does matter.
  6. Do more, talk less.
  7. Experience builds confidence, whether it's failure or success.
  8. Even if you hit rank #1, this doesn't entitle you to anything. You still need to work for your money.
  9. Sometimes, the sites that you thought would be winners are losers, and the sites that you thought would be losers are winners.
  10. Creating your own answers is far more {profitable|enjoyable|satisfying|beneficial} than asking someone to give them to you.
  11. Stop looking for the silver bullet. The silver bullet is YOU.
  12. I'm having more fun working at this than I've had doing any other job in my life.
This is a small success for sure, but if I can do it twice, I can do it 100 times. So should you.