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Achievement Unlocked - First $100 AdSense Day

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Similar to Mike From Maine's First $100 AdSense Day, I too finally broke that barrier yesterday evening with my first crossing of the $100 mark:

Achieved greater than $100 in a single day with AdSense

It's been awhile since I made up one of these too:

Achievement Unlocked - $100 in AdSense

I'm pretty stoked and hopefully I'm on the right track towards more earnings like that on a consistent basis. So far I am on pace to meet or exceed previous months' earnings so I'm quite happy.

An interesting thing about the niches I have sites for is that I don't really make anything until the afternoon evening hours, and in terms of time zone it is heavily based on Pacific Standard Time. Strange but true.

Oh, and on a completely different note, I did mention in one of my last progress reports that I was going to be looking at a tool called Ultimate Demon. After about 3 weeks worth of testing I concluded that it was not for me, so I'm looking for something else that performs a little bit better for what I need.

So yeah, this was a short post but I just wanted to spread the good news!